When was the last time you played an old arcade machine? We're not talking about video games from the 80's. At Jimmy's Old-Time Arcade, we have over 50 classic electro-mechanical games from the 1920's-1970's that used to be common at sea-side resorts, amusement parks, boardwalk playlands and other roadside attractions. You'll find vintage cranes, pinballs, shooting galleries, bowlers, movie machines, postcard vendors, etc. Some are even from famous locations like Coney Island and Palisades Park.

Drop a coin in any of our machines and relive your youth. You can almost smell the salt air. You'll instantly remember family vacations when your parents gave you a dollar for the arcade and it had to last all day.

Click on any of the vintage pictures on this page for a look at the machines inside the Old Sled Works Penny Arcade. (Our machines are not for sale. However, sometimes we will trade. Also, we have schematics for many of our machines and are happy to make copies at a nominal cost. Please email us for specific requests.)

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Josh Kaplan's Virtual Tour of the Penny Arcade


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Vintage Slots Web Ring

J. Cante's Penny Arcade (1941) Union Beach, NJ
(Original Photo purchased from Dick Bueschel Collection)

Doling Park Penny Arcade (1941) Springfield, MO
(Original Photo purchased from Dick Bueschel Collection)

c.1940's Exhibit Supply Showroom Display
(Original Photo purchased from Dick Bueschel Collection)